1.Nassau - Junkanoo - Free dancers

1.Nassau - Junkanoo - Samurai warrior

1.Nassau - Junkanoo - Smiling at the parade end

1.Nassau - Junkanoo - Steel fifty-five gallon drummers

1.Nassau - Junkanoo - Wheeled float

1.Shroud Cay - Jims Treasure

1.Shroud Cay - Lady Simcoe invites us to join them in a tour of the mangroves

1.Shroud Cay - Late xmas with Dyad

1.Shroud Cay - Lazy Sunday after brunch Dave and Kathi

1.Shroud Cay - Leaving the anchorage Lady Simcoe passes

2.Pipe Cay - A female Bahamas Woodstar hummingbird at the Decca Station

2.Pipe Cay - Climbing snails

2.Pipe Cay - Damsel at the Decca garden

2.Pipe Cay - Decca Wasp visits a hairstreak moth

2.Pipe Cay - Moored at the wall of the Decca Station

2.Pipe Cay - Painting Dog Paddle

2.Pipe Cay - Shoreline waves

Cat Island - Alice Ron Dale at Island Hoppinn

Cat Island - Dog Moment Fernandez Bay

Cat Island - Hawks Nest peace begins at home

Cat Island - Heads for lures from beach trash

Cat Island - McQueens Settlement Ghost Crab Surfing the wavelets

Cat Island - McQueens Settlement hermit crab

Cat Island - Money Bat - a moth inside our salon

Cat Island - Money Bats - Hiding in the cabinetry

Long Island - Bahamian Brown Racer Sandy Cay

Long Island - Bentley Conch Cay Beach

Long Island - Dollar Cay Giant Crab Stalking

Long Island - Dollar and Clam at Conch Cay

Long Island - Dolphin mother and daughter

Long Island - Eyes on the prize popcorn - note the drool on the leg

Long Island - Guaranteed effects of a rolling sea

Long Island - Joes Sound cold front and Dog Paddle

Long Island - Osprey on Sandy Cay

Long Island - Petrol explores Sandy Cay

Long Island - Spider on the Conch Cay Beach

Long Island - Sundown hoedown

Long Island - Thompson Bay - Cave Entrance at the Dive Shop

Long Island - Thompson Bay - Checking out the stalactites

Long Island - Thompson Bay - Deep in the cave

Long Island - Thompson Bay - Why is the crab so colorful where there is no light..