0.NYC - Opening party

1.NYC - Enjoying the view

1.NYC - Kord attentive to the fuzzy dice

1.NYC - Near the food

1.NYC - Party Lines

1.NYC - Party in the art gallery

1.NYC - Tom and Jim

1.NYC - Tom and Kord and a happy customer

1a.NYC - Manhattan San Genarro Pitchmen at the Festival

2.Atlantic City - Bentley at Ceasars Pier pano

2.Cape May NJ - Being well fed by Audrey

2.Cape May NJ - Carl and Carol of Endless Reach

2.Cape May NJ - Peek A Boo Sailing

3.Bath NC - Bobbing for French Fries

3.Bath NC - Christian Church Angel

3.Washington NC - visitors check us out

4.Broad Creek NC - New Computer now Where are those Drivers

4.Broad Creek NC - Sunrise

4.New Bern NC - St Jude and Viking Rose at Trent River Coffee