1.Old Saybrook CT - Anne Wood Ethyl and Petrol

1.Old Saybrook CT - Don and Petrol

1.Old Saybrook CT - Ed and the lapdog Danny

1.Old Saybrook CT - Out to lunch with Anne Wood

2.Old Saybrook CT - North Cove

3.Manhattan NY- Chrysler Building

4.Baltimore MD - Talk Like a Pirate Night at Capn Larrys

4.Bodkin MD - Relays, Fuses and Ohms, Oh My

5.Annapolis MD - Chapel of the Navy

5.Annapolis MD - Chapel with Mark Mary Bentley

5.Annapolis MD - Fashion Modeling with Renaissance

5.Annapolis MD - Gypsy pirates out marauding

5.Annapolis MD - New Anchor Chain

5.Annapolis MD - Weems Creek Women Scullers

St Marys MD - Carl aboard The Dove

St Marys MD - Carl at the cannon salutes Bentley

St Marys MD - Jim Mary Bonnie aboard the Dove

St Marys MD - Meridian and Kokomo

St Marys MD - Roger and Bonnie Aboard The Dove