1.Flamingo FL - Fish Print ink and watercolor

1.Florida Bay - Another hitchhiker

1.Florida Bay - Prairie Warbler and Pirate Duck

1.Florida Bay - Warbler Aboard

1.Florida Bay - Warbler stops for directions

2.Cayo Costa FL - Taste testing the sour dough starter

2.Cayo Costa Fl - Dolphins Following

2.Sarasota FL - Cuttlefish at the Mote

2.Sarasota FL - Mote Aquarium with Second Wind

2.Sarasota FL - Mote Marine Lionfish

2.Sarasota FL - Spinner Dolphin Mote Aquarium

2.Sarasota FL- Green Turtle at the Mote

3.Boca Grande FL - Egret

3.Boca Grande FL - Jim does a stint as a tree trunk

3.Boca Grande FL - More protection than the stone dog.

3.Boca Grande FL - Pint Sized Pirate

3.Boca Grande FL - Welcoming Committee

3.Captiva Fl - Great Blue in Pursuit

3.Sanibel FL - A successful snipe hunt

3.Sanibel FL - Candice scoping the shorebirds

3.Sanibel FL - Hunting the Tricolor Heron

3.Sanibel FL - In the shadow of the hunter

3.Sanibel FL - Kevin gives us a guided tour of Ding Darling

4.Marco Island FL - Sails of Light

Flamingo FL - Outward Bound Raising Sail

Flamingo FL - Vulture Silhouettes

Keys FL - Finny

Keys FL - Watchful Eye

Shark River FL - Spring Rainbow