1.Tiverton RI - Slightly unfocused at the Sakonnet Winery

1.Tiverton RI - Summer Home Watchdog

1.Tiverton RI - The building just gave up

2.Mystic CT - Bowsprit Figure Joseph Conrad Mystic Seaport

2.Mystic CT - Climbing Amistads Rigging Seaport

Branford CT - Amazing rotunda of the public library

Chester CT - Letters from the Grave

Chester CT - Orphanage

Essex CT - Ethyl Recumbent

Essex CT - Partying with Sam Adams

Essex CT - Rob and Jack plan the next days adventure

Essex CT - The Miracle Fix saving us thousands

Farmington CT - Afternoon Sunday Tea

Farmington CT - Danny and Ed

Farmington CT - Danny's kiss is faster than the camera

Farmington CT - Don and Louie

Farmington CT - Don't be looking up my shorts

Farmington CT - Reunion Class of 1986

Farmington CT - Reunion Judy Caricature artist

Farmington CT - UConn Reunion caricature

Hartford CT - Anchored in the CT River

Hartford CT - Downtown Hartford Dawn Mist

New Britain CT - Rick gives us an impromptu organ concert

New London CT - Harkness Mansion State Park

New London CT- Harkness Mansion Carriage House

New London CY - Union Station

Rocky Hill CT - Waterskiier Doing Flips

Rocky Hill CT - Watskiier

Westbrook CT - Eating at Bills

Westbrook CT - Lunch always involves photos

Westbrook CT - Navigational accuracy to ¼ inch

Yale New Haven CT - 16th century two manual harpisord

Yale New Haven CT - Jim measures up to an OverTheShoulder tuba

Yale New Haven CT - Mother Child Virginal

Yale New Haven CT - Tintinabulation Exhibit 89 bells

zPort Washington NY - Wings