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   Special Course Discount for Apogee Photo/Facebook Users. LEARN. EXCEL.
5 personal lessons, 1 hour each, on your schedule. 
Personalized, fun, goal oriented 1:1 photo skill building. Your Schedule. Fall & Winter 2016.
$75 Click the Contact Link to call or write. 
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Success with Your Photographs !

Q: What is the difference between 1 ON 1 and some other photo courses?
A:  We work closely together on practical assignments to fine turning your workflow with YOUR images. For instance, one session is on Imagining Your Most Creative Image.Unlike watching a video, you learn by direct hands on fun assignments that fit your needs.
 Easy 1, 2, 3
1)  Working together we assess what you need and we design assignments. You post your work to your site or Flickr, and I consult with you, giving supportive feedback, coaching, tips and resources. We connect by phone, social media and your website. 
2) You want to make better photographs. I love teaching, and learning. We take our time in our sessions. Our goal and focus is on your projects, and improving how you see. 
3) We'll discuss aesthetics of design, the power of color, your style, location lighting, and your individual workflow with capture and editing.
My Credentials: I taught digital imaging and photography at Colorado University and CFU in Denver for years in the design department, to students of all ages.
1 ON 1 Session Structure:
5, 8 or 16 sessions are available, flexible to your schedule. Our sessions occur once a week, bi-weekly or monthly. I am flexible. We talk by phone, Facebook and email. I review your posts,
YOUR Needs, Your  software, YOUR gear:
 Use any camera, film or digital camera or iPhone. For editing you can use Mac, PC, Photoshop CC or any version of Photoshop, Lightroom, Elements. There is no need to purchase gear during the course, but if you need I can make suggestions for gear that fits your goals. 

How do I sign up? Easy. Sign up via Paypal for one of these 3 options:

  • Eight Sessions, (10) hours $350
  • Sixteen Sessions (20 hours $500 (save $200).
1. Denise:
When Denise signed up, she was starting to market her work through Getty. At the end of our 1 on 1, she wrote:
"A company in Switzerland bought the largest size I had, which is suitable for using as large as a billboard. I'm pretty excited. I owe you a huge THANK YOU for the support and encouragement with my photo efforts. "
Denise returned a year later to take another series of 1 ON 1 Coaching.
2. Sally wrote:
"Thanks Jim for all your wonderful help.
I have more confidence now about my photography. "

3. Pam said:
      "The photo itself, Jim, is great -
it amazes me how you work with a person,
and your Photoshopping is very flattering!  "

4. Melinda emailed:
     "Jim, the SSCA board wants to thank you for participating this year ... Your talk was outstanding.  Everyone loved hearing about how to take great pictures. Also, taking people outside on Sunday was great."

Jim Austin Jimages 411 Walnut Green Cove Springs, FL.
Member American Society Photographic Education

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